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About Metro Rail in India

Key Figures

  • Operational Routes: 748.35 km
  • Under Construction Routes: 488.75 km
  • Approved Routes: 448.11 km
  • Proposed Routes: 1045 km

Fun Facts

  • Oldest (First) Metro Rail System: Kolkata Metro
  • Newest Metro Rail System: Pune Metro
  • Largest Metro System: Delhi Metro (347 km)
  • Smallest Metro System: Ahmedabad Metro (6 km)
  • Busiest (Highest Ridership) Metro System: Delhi Metro

 Select from all the active metro networks given (click on the link), and find Stations, Customer care numbers, a route map and fare info.

   Delhi Metro

   Gurgaon Metro


   Mumbai Metro

   Bangalore Metro

   Hyderabad Metro

   Chennai Metro

   Kochi Metro

   Kolkata Metro

   Lucknow Metro

   Noida Metro

   Nagpur Metro

   Ahmedabad Metro

   Pune Metro

   Kanpur Metro

 FAQs – About Metro Rail in India

 Who invented metro train in India?

E. Sreedharan

Other names

Metro Man

Alma mater

G.L.P.S Chathanur, Government Victoria College, Palakkad, Kerala University College of Engineering, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh (JNTUK)


Civil engineer (retired)

Known for

Konkan Railway, Delhi Metro, Kochi Metro and Other Related Rail Developments

 Which is the No 1 metro in India?

As of 2021, Delhi National Capital Region had the largest operational metro network in India with rail length of 348.5 kilometers. It was followed by Hyderabad with 69.2 kilometers and Bengaluru with 56.1 kilometers.

 Is there any metro rail in India?

There are currently 15 operational rapid transit (popularly known as 'metro') systems in fifteen cities across India. With Delhi Metro being the largest metro system which connects to few other nearby cities in the National Capital Region.

How many cities in India have metro rail?

There are 13 Metro railway system and services (or rapid transit system) operational in India. These are Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru (Namma), Gurugram (Rapid Metro), Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai, Kochi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Noida, Ahmedabad, and Nagpur.

How many states in India have metro?

Currently, 10 Indian cities have functional metro rail networks. These cities are Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kochi and Lucknow. The first metro service in India started in Kolkata in 1984. Experience Your Economic Times Newspaper, The Digital Way!

Which is the oldest metro in the World?

The London Underground

The London Underground is the oldest metro system in the world, with services operating from 1890.

Where is the first metro rail in India?

Kolkata Metro Railway

Which is India's second city to get the metro rail?

Bengaluru: India's IT capital of Bengaluru yesterday became the second city in India (after New Delhi) and the first in South India, to have a full-fledged Metro rail in operation following the opening of a final 12-km section of the 42-km first phase of the Metro project.

Do's & don'ts while traveling by metro

  • Keep yourself before yellow line before boarding (generally all platform have it).
  • Keep gap and distance from doors to allow other passengers to board the train.
  • If Station staff suggest something please follow the instructions.
  • Take care of your loose items like Saree, Dupatta, Dhoti and Bag etc. while boarding and de-boarding the train.
  • Take care of your Bag/Purse/Luggage/Mobile while traveling or waiting at metro stations.
  • Inform train operator in case any passenger/article stuck between train doors by pressing Passenger Emergency Alarm button/Handle.
  • Take care and keep eye on the children & infants while traveling with them.
  • Do not push co-passengers while boarding or de-boarding.
  • Do not make noise or play music openly in train and metro premise.
  • Do not fight with other passengers, if there is any issue get help from metro security.
  • Do not try to enter/exit when train doors are being close. better late than never.
  • Do not obstruct the closing of the train doors.
  • Show your metro smart card or token at the entry gate or exit gate for the opening of flaps.
  • Use of smart card gives you 10% discount on travel fee.
  • Please ensure that entry or exit with a travel smart card was followed by a valid the system. In case of mismatch penalty will be payable as per business rule of metro department.
  • Carrying token beyond exit gate is a punishable offence and attracts a fine or imprisonment.
  • The refund of unused token can be returned within 60 minutes of purchase from purchasing station only.

The following tables are best viewed on a Desktop device. Approved route figures include routes approved at least by the state government.

List of Operational & Under Construction Metro Projects in India

City & State

Operational Network

Under Construction New Routes

Approved New Routes

Proposed New Routes


Start Date

Agra Metro, Uttar Pradesh

0 km

11.90 km


0 km



Ahmedabad Metro, Gujarat

6 km

54.1 km

7.41 km

0 km


6 March, 2019

Bangalore Metro, Karnataka

55.6 km

115.86 km

0 km

105.55 km


20 October, 2011

Bhopal Metro, Madhya Pradesh

0 km

6.22 km

21.65 km

77.13 km



Chennai Metro, Tamil Nadu

54.1 km

83.90 km

35 km

15.30 km


29 June, 2015

Delhi Metro, Delhi-NCR

349 km

40.85 km

24.99 km

57.3 km


24 December, 2002

Gurgaon Rapid Metro, Haryana

12.1 km

0 km

0 km

200 km


14 November, 2013

Hyderabad Metro, Telangana

67 km

0 km

0 km

58 km


29 November, 2017

Indore Metro, Madhya Pradesh


16.23 km

15.31 km




Jaipur Metro, Rajasthan

11.98 km

0 km

0 km

26.36 km


3 June, 2015

Kanpur Metro, Uttar Pradesh

8.73 km

8.5 km

14.08 km

0 km


29 December, 2021

Kochi Metro, Kerala

25 km

2.94 km

12.36 km

0 km


19 June, 2017

Kolkata Metro, West Bengal

41.35 km

54.22 km

28.2 km

15.7 km

Metro Railway & KMRC

24 October, 1984

Lucknow Metro, Uttar Pradesh

22.90 km

0 km

0 km

85 km


6 September, 2016

Meerut Metro, Uttar Pradesh

0 km

3 km

17 km

15 km



Mumbai Metro, Maharashtra

30.15 km

150 km

21.29 km

136.40 km


8 June, 2014

Nagpur Metro, Maharashtra

24.39 km

17.30 km

48.30 km

0 km


8 March, 2019

Navi Mumbai Metro, Maharashtra

0 km

11.10 km

0 km

95.30 km



Noida Metro, Uttar Pradesh

29.70 km

0 km

14.95 km

70 km


25 January, 2019

Patna Metro, Bihar

0 km

6.107 km

24.803 km

0 km



Pune Metro, Maharashtra

10.35 km

58.23 km

4.41 km

26.46 km

Maha-Metro & Pune IT City Metro Rail Ltd.

6 March, 2022

Surat Metro, Gujarat

0 km

18.62 km

21.73 km

0 km



List of Approved Metro, Metrolite & Metro Neo Projects in India

City & State

Network Length

Approval Date

Total Cost


Gorakhpur Metrolite Uttar Pradesh

27.41 km

October 2020

Rs. 4,672 crore


Kozhikode Metrolite, Kerala

13.13 km

February 2021

Rs. 4,673 crore


Nashik Metro Neo, Maharashtra

32 km

August 2019

Rs. 2100


Trivandrum Metro, Kerala

21.82 km

February 2021

Rs. 2,773 crore


List of Proposed Metro / Metrolite / Metro Neo Projects in India

Each Indian city and town has a large number of proposed new lines, most of which will never see the light of the day. The following table lists out cities / towns with with serious proposals that could possibly materialize as light rail (Metrolite) and be built in the next 10 years.

City & State

Proposed Network Length

Aurangabad Metrolite, Maharashtra


Bangalore Metrolite, Karnataka

60 km

Bhavnagar Metrolite / Metro Neo, Gujarat


Chennai Metrolite, Tamil Nadu

15.50 km

Coimbatore Metro, Tamil Nadu

136 km

Delhi Metrolite, Delhi

40.88 km

Guwahati Metro, Assam

61.40 km

Jamnagar Metrolite / MetroNeo, Gujarat


Jammu Metro, J&K UT

43.50 km

Prayagraj Metro, Uttar Pradesh

42 km

Raipur Metro, Chhattisgarh


Rajkot Metrolite / Metro Neo, Gujarat


Srinagar Metro, J&K UT

25 km

Uttarakhand Metro, Uttarakhand

58 km

Vadodara Metrolite / Metro Neo, Gujarat


Varanasi Metro, Uttar Pradesh

29.235 km

Vijayawada Metro, Andhra Pradesh

66.2 km

Visakhapatnam Metro, Andhra Pradesh

79.91 km

Warangal Metro Neo, Telangana

17 km

Besides the above cities, metro projects are proposed in Amritsar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jabalpur, Ranchi, Hubli, Mathura, Dholera, Thane, Gwalior, Bareilly, Dehradun, Bhubaneswar, Mysore, and Mangalore.


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