Google Account Recovery 2016, Forgot your Gmail Password

Recover your Gmail/Google Account

Well, for some reason you cannot enter your Google account on YouTube, Gmail, AdWords, AdSense, Google+, Google Drive, etc. It does not matter if you forgot your password, your login or your account was hacked by foes. I have encountered the problem of account recovery ( several times, that is why I will present a simple and effective method to solve the problem. Therefore, let’s get started.

Perhaps you need to check if you typed the credentials correctly? 

Before you recover your account through you need to check one more time that you’ve typed your password correctly. Make sure that you did not by accident press the Caps Lock button when typing the password. I can tell from experience that most users fail with their passwords by simply confusing capital and small letters. Be careful and type everything correctly. 

Standard password recovery:
Let us use the procedure of account recovery kindly offered by Google. If the system declined your entering request after you have typed the password with the line “You have typed the login or password incorrectly” and password enumeration does not help, press the “Need help” button.
You will be redirected to, where there are three options of why you cannot enter the system. In that case, choose “I do not remember my password”, the system will ask for your e-mail address which you use when entering the account. 

Forgot your Gmail Password

Then you go to the “Password recovery” and try to type your password from memory. If you completely forgot it, press “No answer” and go to the user identification page. You will be offered to go through an identification process via SMS or phone call (if Google knows your phone number). Otherwise, you will be offered to answer some questions about your account to confirm your identity (for instance, “When did you last enter your account?”, “Which e-mail addresses you use most frequently?” and so on). 

Title: Google Account Recovery 2016 | UPDATED | AUGUST |

Recover your Gmail/Google Account

Description: Google Account Recovery: Well, for some reason you cannot enter your Google 

account on YouTube, Gmail, AdWords, AdSense, Google+, Google Drive, etc. It does not.



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