Jeans Manufacturing Contact Number India, All about Jeans and Denim

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Jeans Manufacturing Contact Number India, All about Jeans and Denim


Jeans manufacturing Company Contact Number in Delhi, India



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6/6236, Gali No. 1, Clubman Gali Dev Nagar, Karol Bagh,


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If there is a fabric that has garnered worldwide acceptance and stood its ground against the test of time, it is none other than denim. It is the fabric of generations, worn by people of all classes and ages. In fact, the fashion industry is incomplete without denim and jeans. Because of this wonderful adaptability and unique washes giving an incredible range of shades, it has an undisputed position in the fashion industry and its ability to adapt creatively to the fashion trends through its unique washing effects is incredible. Proving its worth whether overalls and trousers for hard labour, extremely popular leisurewear or even athleisure jeans have grown to become a go-to choice. Versatility, durability and comfort are synonymous with jeans. And Eight Miles Jeans brings you these qualities, which is why it tops jeans manufacturing in India. 

Jeans Manufacturing Contact Number India

For those of you who want to know something more about how jeans came into being, here are some interesting facts. Denim is a hard-wearing cotton twill fabric, traditionally woven with an indigo dyed warp and white filling yarns. Although the same classical principles apply, recent technological advances have transformed it into a highly fashionable material. Its origin traces back to the early seventeenth-century France where the fabric was known by the name - Serge de Nimes. Jeans, on the other hand, originated from a fabric made in the Italian city, Genoa. However, Levi Strauss in the US is called the Denim Master of the World - who pioneered the manufacture of copper riveted waist overalls out of denim. Earlier a symbol for hard labour, denim and jeans have now emerged as the hallmark of fashion wear.

Most of the people think denim and jeans are the same things, but it is not!  Denim is the name of the fabric that is used to make jeans. Jeans though considered as casual wear and worn by men and women outside workplaces.  Nowadays it has an accepted attire at workplaces and offices as well - especially post the global Corona pandemic when finally professionals are returning to their workspaces after a long spate of work from home. It is also remarkable how jeans drove humongous social and cultural influence. For decades now it has been considered as a symbol of teen rebellion, an expression of youth independence, an icon of heroism, revealing a different style and attitude towards life. Being a renowned Jeans Manufacturing Company In Delhi Eight Miles Jeans is proud to be a part of this global cultural movement.

We bring out the extraordinary from this blue magic material so that customers hail this an ever-inspiring fabric for today and tomorrow. Denim and jeans still remain as the evergreen favourite of all and hence a future world without them are unimaginable. The global inclusivity that jeans offering an age no-bar, race no-bar, region no-bar, economic status no-bar, social status no-bar is what has retained its charms for over a century now. Through the ages, jeans have evolved from work wear to casual wear and then to premium wear and functional wear.

For great designers, washes, styles, cuts, or even zippers and pockets we are the top choice for many customers. Smiles grow longer and wider with Eight Miles Jeans! Buy the best pair of classy, branded and designer jeans from the master of jeans manufacturing in India - Eight Miles Jeans.


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