Things You Should Know About Interior Designing Course


For a career dealing with designing spaces, interior designing is never a cakewalk. Even world-renowned experts could tell you that! It is the art of creating simple spaces into functional and interesting ones. Being one of the best colleges in India offering industry-oriented interior design course syllabus, we would like you to know that Interior designing is not only confined to designing homes but includes spaces like hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, malls, etc. as well.

IIFA India is a premier institute offering the best interior designing course along with the following advantageous features:

       Competitive Course curriculum

       Excellent Faculty & Mentors

       Top interior designing institute in India

       Prime Location

       Well-equipped Infrastructure

Things You Should Know About Interior Designing Course

Speaking of interior designing course eligibility and fees one needs to have an adequate pass percentage in 10 + 2. We provide the most affordable interior design course in the country. One needs to be well versed in creative as well as technical knowledge to pursue a career interior design. This is only possible through an interior designing course with an authentic accreditation, the right kind of course structure, interior designing course eligibility and fees.

Now let’s have a look at what you get to learn from Interior Designing course at IIFA - India:

Colours are an integral part of any structure - residential, commercial, industrial or even entertainment. Colour psychology plays an important role while designing spaces. At IIFA- India students are taught the basics of colour dynamics and how it affects the ambience around. Concepts like design thesis teach students on how to coordinate with colour and spaces.

Ever-growing population, rapid urbanization and constantly evolving trends always keep the Design Industry on its toes. Learn and master space management from the industry-experts themselves! We are well aware that space management has become a major problem because not many people can adapt to progressive change; we’re here to prove otherwise.  Our interior design course syllabus is all about creating a functional and comfortable space with the given set resources.

There can be no improvement or evolution in the industry without trends. IIFA India makes it a point to educate you with the latest tools and trends in designing. Interior Landscaping, for instance, is a lot relevant today in modern architecture with the growing trend of kitchen gardens, small scale organic farming and for people who have space constrain and are not able to have a green patch for themselves. Students are taught the right combination of colours, paints, essential materials and even furniture that support such endeavours.

This is the era of IoT and knowledge of digital resources is imperative. It is only through an interior design course students can learn about the idea behind virtual designing. At IIFA India, students get an opportunity to learn basic and advanced computer applications that are up-to-date with the educational standards and effectively design plans for their portfolio development. We have a well equipped virtual designing cell where students can quickly and easily learn to create various combinations with different furniture, wall colour, drapes and more without any wastage of materials.

Of what use is a beautifully designed space without accessories? This is yet another interesting topic that students are taught as a part of the IIFA India interior design course syllabus. The right culmination of trends, objects and finishes enhance the true beauty of a space. One gets to learn how designing a lamp, wall art, vases, sculptures, etc. can beautify the decor of a given space.

The most important thing of all at IIFA India, however, lies on the fact that students learn the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. Anybody can become an interior decorator if they are interested in playing with materials, accessories, colours, decor and textiles. But it takes technical and soft skills along with a brilliant course curriculum to become a professional interior designer which is made possible by the best interior designer course offered by IIFA India. It provides a great and flexible interior designing course eligibility and fees in addition to a well-structured interior design course syllabus. If interior designing is the right fit for you in career then, IIFA India is the right fit for your education! Get in touch with us for more details.

Author: Robot Singh

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