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DURATION OF LEASE: Longer the period better it is for the property regarding steadiness. The greater part of the arrangements is for a very long time, notwithstanding, few are for a very long time and 15 years also.

RATE OF INCREASE OF RENT AND DURATION: The standard arrangement is an expansion in the lease of 15% like clockwork, not many arrangements read an increment of 5% lease each year. Now and again the main increment is after the primary year, at that point, it increases after at regular intervals. Concurrence with a 15% expansion like clockwork is acceptable and the one with 5% expansion consistently is even better.

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TENURE OF THE LEASE EXPIRED AND BALANCED: On the off chance that the residency of the agreement is going to be done in 2-3 years then one has a danger that the inhabitant may not restore the rent arrangement, and in such cases, the occupant may clear the property, this implies the loss of lease for not many months to few years. One ought to maintain a strategic distance from properties where lease residency is going to be ended.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Higher ROI is better, however, one should see that it should be near the ROI of comparable properties here, else this might be a snare by a merchant to sell the property at higher rates and after the offer of the property, there is a likelihood that the inhabitant may empty it.

LOCK-IN PERIOD: Higher the lock-in period better it is, locking of 3 to 5 years is standard. Hefty punishment on the occupant on abandoning the property in the lock-in period gives higher protection.

EXIT CLAUSE FOR THE TENANT: Leave provision is applicable commonly for both the proprietor and the inhabitant, the proprietor ought to get sufficient opportunity to locate another occupant in the leave condition period. Cautioning time of 3 months or more is sufficient for the occupant to exit.

LEASE RENT PAID ONE TIME OR EVERY YEAR: If rent lease is paid one time by the dealer, at that point one saves yearly consumption of paying lease, one ought to ascertain the rent lease to be paid to compute the ROI on the property.

COMPANY TRANSFER OR INDIVIDUAL TRANSFER: Company transfer of property is simpler to execute and saves cash, the organization accompanies both resource and liabilities, in this manner, one ought to guarantee that the property being moved through company transfer ought not to have any liabilities.

CIRCLE RATE IN THE AREA: Avoid exchange of properties beneath circle rate, one should exchange properties at real rates that are above circle rate. On account of a circle, the rate is higher than the exchanging an incentive than specialists should be educated concerning the equivalent and one ought to have a valid justification for the exchanging of properties underneath circle rate.

COST OF TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP: The overhead expense of the move of ownership for the property should be calculated property and should be figured in computing the ROI on property.

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