Top Residential And Commercial Construction Company In India

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Top Residential & Commercial Construction Company in India


Ever wondered why 7 M Constructions is considered among the top Residential And Commercial Construction Company In India? If you’ve been looking forward to building your dream home, establish your corporate conglomerate, or become a part of a reputed real estate developers, this guest post will help you. Before moving ahead with the technical part of building establishments there are some points to consider. As a leading Construction Company In India, 7 M Constructions follow these golden thumb rules. Needless to say, it is also the secret of their success.

Engage and educate by taking into account these important features before delving deeper into real estate prospects.

Building Type & Location Analysis

What kind of building are you looking for? There are many residential options to choose from like single dwelling, multiple dwelling, alternations & additions. Apart from this, you can select from independent plots, flights, complexes, bungalows, studio apartment, condominiums and so on. Whereas in commercial options one can choose from retail, industrial, hotel, office, gym, theatre, etc. Each type of building comes with its own set of needs and standards. 

Top Residential And Commercial Construction Company In India

Speaking of location it is wise to choose a location that is zoned for commercial development or a location which has ample green space and peaceful ambience if its for residential options. A  location that allows for easy traffic access, thriving local businesses in the area and basic amenities are other integral factors. There may be other developmental and infrastructural plans for that area which could affect your commercial investment positively or negatively. Also if you’re looking for a commercial option is there any other rival organisation that might negatively affect your target customer base? Researching this is crucial to deciding on your location.

Planning, Zoning, & Permitting

Every building at 7 M Construction is designed to accommodate employees, customers, and all of the unique needs your business might have. In residential options, they provide maximum technology and modern amenities. Tenants nowadays are demanding more accommodations, such as high-speed wireless internet, in-wall USB ports, bike storage and proximity car sharing, dry cleaning and laundry services; child care and pet spaces; a spa or massage room; a wellness centre that’s not just a traditional gym but includes community activities like yoga and aerobics; even a wine cellar. You say it, 7 M Constructions build it!

In terms of zoning laws and permits, we make sure to get all requisite approvals and documentation. This is in fact the most important step before beginning construction as it makes way for a seamless process. A construction management company can help you with all aspects of planning. For instance, certain places may have restrictions on height, floors, colour, etc. 7 M Constructions takes care of it all, including contacting the local zoning office and ensuring that your project complies with all of the local area’s requirements.

Budgeting and Financing

When deciding to construct a dream home for better living standards or commercial property for business use, one must be careful to make sure that the money spent returns a profit as well. This must be higher than the investment.

Being one of the best Construction Company in India, 7 M offers holistic solutions. They come up with creative, organized approach and design process which optimizes the cost and performance of your commercial building project. Right from big expenses such as cement, equipment rentals, and wages to small expenses it is wise to consider maintaining an extra 10% of the allocated budget as a reserve in order to meet any unforeseen expenses that may arise.

Build To Last

One of the most important mottos at 7 M Constructions is ‘Build To Last’. Be it a person or an organisation the collective ambition and desire is durability. Every building made by 7 M Constructions is earthquake-proof, made with best high-grade wood, metal, fibre and glass finishes. Fire protection is imperative. We also take pride in the design and construction buildings which have withstood flood zones or hurricane-prone areas. 

Get expert architects, designers, and project managers through 7 M Constructions. They will make sure to deliver your project with all needs met. They listen closely to clients and provide flexible, creative, workable solutions. So you see they build lasting, trusting relationships with clients apart from great buildings.

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