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The fashion industry has been bombarded with the latest Bao Bao designer bags. If you are into fashion and the latest trend is your style, you must know about these bags and get one for yourself! Designed by the renowned Japanese designer Issey Miyake, these bags have been loved by everyone for their innovative and unique style. Miyake has been celebrated as a designer for decades for his authentic approach towards fashion. He was the one behind Steve Job’s famous turtleneck and Zada Hadid’s padded kimono jacket. His latest innovation in trend is the Bao Bao bag collection. These bags come with a scientific approach with a combination of amusement, comfort, and versatility. However, coming from such a renowned designer with such amazing characteristics, these bags are quite pricey for the wallet. Let us discuss why Bao Bao bags are so expensive?

When fashion meets technology!

The Bao Bao has become quite a reputed school in the field of fashion and creativity. The bags are engineered quite elegantly. It is made of a great quality mesh fabric with triangles made of polyvinyl. What is so amazing about these bags is that they take the shape of what is carried inside the bag and transforms into a very pretty picture that pleases the eye. The bag was first seen in the year 2000 and was named after Bilbao to pay homage to the Guggenheim Museum opened at the end of the twentieth century. The museum designed by Frank Gehri was celebrated as an architectural icon all over the world. It appeared as if to explode from the ground as was the case for Miyake designer clothes which took the shape of the human body they were put on.

Bao Bao designer bags


The Bao Bao bags were then launched as a separate designer line in 2010. Since then, the design has undergone a myriad of changes in size and form, and colour. However, the bags have never gone out of style ever since. Though the bags have been regarded as pricey, the price is quite justified when it comes to their innovative design and utility. These bags are very light in weight and are quite easy to carry. They go with anything and everything you put on. The design is available in many shapes, sizes, and colours. Experts in the fashion industry would never advise you against investing in these bags because even though they might seem expensive, they are worth it.

If you are someone who is interested in fashion and take great care of your collection, you should never doubt why is Bao Bao so expensive. Invest without a speck of doubt in these amazing bags and you will not be disappointed. Bao Bao bags from Fervenz is a great option for you if you are planning to get your hands on one of these bags in India. The brand guarantees quality and affordability on all its products. Fervenz has introduced various innovative stylish bags in India and continues to do so.

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