Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers

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Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers

Fire Fighting Equipment play are very vital for minimizing loss of life and property in an unwanted outbreak. These are of various kinds ranging from those for prevention of outbreak to those for rescue operations. These products are commonly used to safeguard against fire especially in high-risk areas like petrochemical and gas industries. These are also utilized at public places such as schools, universities, hospitals, malls, MNCs, and even residences. It is always considered smart to get these devices installed as the help to minimize damage or even complete prevention of fire if detected at a nascent stage. One can fairly assert that investing in prevention and safety is always a better step to deal with a potential risk that threatens life and property.

Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers


Since its establishment in 1998, Secured Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a pioneering company and leading among Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers. The company is very well reputed for its world-class engineering and durable products. With an experience of over 20 years, the company has given its best works in various commercial projects some of them being with the government.

Secured Engineers is a renowned firefighting equipment manufacturer with a wide range of fire equipment such as smoke detectors, alarm systems, fire hydrants, sprinklers, and so on. The products are celebrated for their top-notch quality and affordability. Let us take a look at their products:

Smoke detector:

It consists of a sensor that can detect the slightest smoke and heat from slow-burning and smoldering and sets on an alarm. If connected to a sprinkler, it sets it off over the fire. Various types of sensors are used among which photoelectric sensors are the most trusted. They are best for smaller spaces such as residences.

Fire Alarm Systems:

Fire Alarm Systems are made up of a complex interconnected network of heat and smoke detectors, and manual pull stations attached fire alarm control panel.  They indicate a positive fire detection with strobe lights and sirens. They also automatically inform about the emergency in the fire department. They are best suited for commercial purposes and large buildings.

Fire Extinguisher:

An extinguisher is the handiest device to control small fires in case of an emergency. It is a cylinder that stores an extinguishing agent stored at high pressure. When in use, it discharges the agent over the fire rapidly to counter it. The multipurpose ABC type of Fire Extinguisher is the most preferred these days.

Automatic Fire Sprinklers

It is believed that damages caused by a fire outbreak are cut down by a very considerable percentage if an automatic fire extinguisher is installed in place It is activated by the heat of a flame and thus does not cause any water wastage.  Commercial buildings are legally mandated to install sprinklers. Even large buildings are advised to have these installed owing to their established efficiency. 

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Secured Engineers ceaselessly attempts to bring more innovations to their fire safety equipment. What makes them the top firefighting equipment manufacturer in the nation is the superb engineering, durability, and comprehensibility of their products. The company commits to serving its customers day in and day out, the entire year. The company values integrity and client safety above all else and ensures a great service for its esteemed clientele.


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Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers

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