A Complete Guide to a Career in Design, Government Degree Courses in Design

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A Complete Guide to a career in Design

In 2019, congress leader Dr. Shashi Tharoor talked about the importance of design for us as a country while discussing The National Institute of Design Bill in 2019 in the parliament. Since then, there has been a vigorously initiated discussion about the importance of design, design as a career, educational courses on Design, and so on. If you are interested in the designing field but are not sure if it is going to provide you with good career options, or how to build a career in design, here is a complete guide to a career in design for you.

Well first of all, since this is an artistic field, one must objectively judge one’s potential as an artist. Are you interested in packaging, colours, patterns, fabrics, architecture, furniture, paints, paintings, animation, posters, and so on! The best feature about designing is that it is very vast. You can opt for interior designing, clothes designing, architecture, web designing, automobile designing, and so on. The only thing you have to keep in mind is carefully judged your potential and interest in whatever field you are choosing. There is also a broad division between two types of designing fields:

1.       The conventional approach involves ideas, research, studying patterns and possible outcomes.

2.       The second one, quite booming these days, is the digital space. This involves a variety of approaches such as animation, web designing, online marketing, and so on.

A Complete Guide to a career in Design


There are various courses in design you can opt from to kick-start your career in design. The Government degree courses in design are:

1.       UG Courses: A bachelor's in various fields of design such as animation, interior designing, fashion designing, and so on. Aspirants can be from any field with a relevant 10+2 clearance.

2.       PG Courses: A Master's degree in fields as discussed above. In Master's, you go for specialisation in your chosen field and are introduced to the professional market in your final semester. A UG Degree in any relevant course is the minimum requirement for aspirants.

3.       Research Courses: Students interested in going for research in design can also go for courses like Ph.D. This is a rather sophisticated degree and is going to boost your career prospects in the professional world as well as in education.


Now that you have a rough understanding of the government degree courses in design, you can research more to find the course that fits you. There are various reputed and private institutes you can apply for such as National Institute of Fashion Technology, National Institute of Design, MIT Institute of Design, Symbiosis Institute of Design, and so on. One such up-and-coming Institute is IIFA India. The institute is quite reputed for its creative and innovative course structures. The objective of the institute is to provide proper guidance to shape an individual’s raw talent for the [professional world. IIFA India has given out many professionals into the designing world who are earning big names for themselves as well as the institute. The institute also ensures to create global communication so that your career prospects are not limited to the horizons of the country. Take a look at the courses offered by IIFA on their website and choose what is best for you!


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A Complete Guide to a Career in Design, Government Degree Courses in Design

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