Top 10 Vegetarian Friendly Cities In The World - Reveled

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Top 10 Vegetarian Friendly Cities In The World - If you are a vegan or a pescatarian and at the same time love traveling then you would definitely be aware of the problem which can arise if you don’t find the type of vegetarian food you eat while you are on the go. It can get rough sometimes


London is the spot if you are looking for food with the enchanting combination of traveling. It is quite famous for its restaurants ranging from the fine-dine category to the cheap-eats. London is a place where you can enjoy just about every kind of vegetarian cuisine. From the five-star category to the street food.

Top 10 Vegetarian Friendly Cities In The World - Reveled



Ghent is Europe’s hidden gems when it comes to food and is definitely worth your time. Ghent is the perfect place for having a mini break. There are some cities where you won’t be finding many vegetarian restaurants but on the other hand, Ghent is too full of them. So, you will not have any kind of problem finding restaurants as per your budget needs.


Seoul is a great place to visit and to satiate your travel needs. If you are a pescatarian or a vegan then you will be finding here a wide variety of food cuisine. And if you head to countries like Japan and China then you will see that the type of food eaten here is quite different and fascinating.

New York City

New York City is the kind of city where you will be finding a great variety of food which is best of the best in term of taste and hygiene. The ultimate advice which you can have from anyone who loves the food here is to go hungry and then choose for yourself.


Everyone knows that Bangkok is a pretty famous for its sinful nightlife but at the same time it is a place which offers tourists and travelers a fascinating opportunity for tasting amazingly delightful food. So, why wait? Book cheap air tickets to Bangkok right away!


Prague has got a certain Bohemian charm about it. With the cultural landscapes, this city is exceptionally famous for its drinks rather than the food itself. However, it is a fun thing to relate to but even if a few years ago you would have gone to Prague and had said that you are a vegetarian then you might have got a few raised eyebrows.


Jaipur is definitely a great place to travel to and find yourself amid all the chaos which Indian cities and streets are famous for. With some of the most mind-boggling vegetarian dishes, you can expect your mind blown. And anyway, India is considered to be vegetarian-friendly so no matter what the situation is? You won’t go hungry!


It is quite interesting to know that in the city of Vancouver there is a whopping 45% of the population which is foreign. And with this, we can conclude that Vancouver indeed is the Mecca & Medina for every food lover. So, why wait? Book cheap air tickets at bargain airfares with our travel specialists and avail exclusive discounts.


Istanbul with its cultural touch offers you with an enriching wide variety of dishes which are soothing to the senses. Some of the most common yet celebrated items are menemen (Turkish eggs) or gözleme (veggie quesadillas). And if you feel the pangs of hunger then you can, try çiğ köfte (similar to a veggie burger patty). In Istanbul, you will be getting some of the most elegant and expansive vegetarian food selection.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a place which you can term as a pioneer in offering innumerable vegetarian restaurants ranging from five-stars to cheap eats. What is really exciting about it is the fact that here you can get vegan food any time of the day and at any hour.

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Top 10 Vegetarian Friendly Cities In The World

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