Get the ever gorgeous bao bao bag at amazon!

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The Bao Bao Bag is like a school bag by the creative industries. Firstly, it is an amazing piece of engineering. It is created from a mesh fabric layered with small triangles of polyvinyl. And when you fill it with items that meet the body it transforms into a multitude of shapes.

Issey Miyake, a very famous Japanese Designer, invented Bao Bao Bags. He always says that his work is design, not fashion. Throughout his career, now that he’s 82 – he’s espoused craft, technology and very recently recycling. To create clothing that is not only unisex but sculptural, he's used paper, innovative fabrics and also reused bottle top. Miyake has been known as the uniform of choice for creatives, while other designers just started the trend. Steve Jobs’ signature black turtleneck was Miyake. 

Get the ever gorgeous  bao bao bag at amazon!

It is the blend of classic style and function that the bag has gained a cult following. When compared to other iconic styles, the Bao Bao also comes at an incredibly accessible price, which has transformed it into a must-have add-on for the younger generation and allowed it to remain current.

The hinged Bao Bao bag – a perpetual favourite among architects and designers – has now been updated with a variety of new piece shapes, including arrows, circles and lighting bolts.

The Bao Bao bag lays flat when they’re empty, but instantly takes on the shape of the items with which you choose to arm yourself for the day and always different shapes. It’s no overstatement that this bag is never worn the same way twice. It is available in a variety of shades that capture light and reflects your environment.

Other Details of Bao Bao Bags:

1.      Imported

2.      This bag is made of high-quality material, with good texture and gloss, comes with comfortable hand-feel, anti-wrinkle and wear-resistant.

3.      The Ultra-lightweight design features secure interior compartments pockets to store all your stuff.

4.      This Bao Bao holographic bag reflects under the sunlight and is very shiny and chic.

5.      Incredibly Versatile; Ideal fashion bag for dating, working place, business or any gathering and party.


Bao Bao Bag is both light and soft, it folds and transforms into dramatic new shapes after handling. It has a flexible functionality which is perfect for busy modern lifestyles.

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