Guneet Virdi Husband - Sunny Virdi Wikipedia, Biography of Delhi Based Businessman


Sunny Virdi Wikipedia, Biography of Delhi Based Businessman

Popular Internet Celebrity and Restaurateur Sunny Virdi is none less than a celebrity. Being a husband to Celebrity Make Up Artist Guneet Virdi; he has learnt to maintain his high profile celeb life.  He often seen sharing space with various Bollywood and Entertainment Celebrities in High Profile Parties and Socialite Events. Let's know abuth this hot and dashing man in this article.

About Sunny Virdi

Sunny Virdi Wikipedia, Profession, Business, Age

Sunny Virdi is 35 years old and is a Delhi based businessman. He owns a restaurant named Dietliciouz which offers diet based food to its customers. It is really liked by Delhi Food Lovers and it is always full with customers. 

Guneet Virdi Husband - Sunny Virdi Wikipedia, Biography of Delhi Based Businessman

Sunny Virdi also has a great security for himself and family. He has a number of bouncers and personal security guard who follow him in socialite parties and gatherings. 

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Sunny Virdi Family, Wife, Daughter

Sunny Virdi is married to celebrity makeup artist Guneet Virdi and both of them have a girl child named Mehreen Virdi. They live in posh area in New Delhi and live a really high profile social life.  

Sunny Virdi and Guneet Virdi married each other on October 21, 2009 and now both of then co own number of businesses. They produce various Bollywood and Punjabi Song Videos and Short Films.

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