How to know my website is hacked or not ?

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How to know my website is hacked or not ?

Hello friends, Some time we feel that our website is hacked. But we are not sure about this so today i will show you how to know my website is hacked or not. you can check your website status using Google Safe Browsing service.  

Google provide safe browsing service that Google security team built to identify unsafe website across the web and notify users and webmaster of potential harm. Using their service you can chaek you website is hacked or in your website their is unwanted code/data or not. 

How to know my website is hacked or not



For checking website hake status hit below URL in you browser: domain name



Else hit below url in browser

Enter your domain name in search box and click on search icon


After couple of seconds it show your results. If your website has been hacked, it should show a warning here. If this doesn't show an error, it's possible your website has still been compromised. When Google detect unsafe sites, Google show warnings on Google Search and in web browsers. You can search to see whether a website is currently dangerous to visit. For more about Google Safe Browsing click here to read 

You can also integrate Google Safe Browsing in your website. For more information about Google Safe Browsing for Developers, Click here 

You can find Google Safe Browsing API’s Integration tutorial here 

So i hope you can get you website current information.

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