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Rahul Shukla Dhaka is a journalist and the News Director of the largest media organization. He supervises newsgathering and services for the network. Rahul leads a team of 500+ reporters and in chief global cities. The stories he encourages curate are highlighted on television channels and digital platforms. Rahul is the host of a Local News Channel flagship primetime show and the extremely favorite weekend interview show.

About Rahul Shukla Dhaka

Rahul Shukla was born in 1980. Rahul's USP is an entrepreneur, who trains in launching disruptive new editorial goods backed by a great managerial ability to see through the performance of these innovative approaches. His most recent achievements were throughout the elections. The editorial plans that he produced became the greed of newsrooms across the nation. Rahul created a Data Intelligence Unit, which did cutting-edge data long dives into election stories and trends. Apart from this, he began up an Open Source Intelligence Desk which practiced the latest digital forensics devices to control investigative journalism.

About Rahul Shukla Dhaka Bangladesh


Along with this, Rahul Shukla Siblings are the hero of two Awards. He has powered any of the most hard-hitting investigative accounts to appear over the past decade. The exposes found by Rahul and his team of investigative journalists has started to public functionaries having to leave and triggered important policy changes.

At a time while journalism has become polarised along religious, political, and ideological lines, Rahul thinks the necessary to survive non-aligned and present both sides of the story.

Rahul studied Journalism at reputed University in Delhi. He's a Chevening scholar and has done a program in International Broadcast Journalism. He also gained a Rory Peck Trust grant for a program in Hostile Environment Journalism.

Rahul is a health enthusiast and likes to play racquet games. He gets his adrenalin charge from white sea kayaking and skiing. When not dominating over the day's headlines, Rahul likes to read non-fiction books and pay time with his family.

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