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About Rahul Shukla Bangladesh - We are glad that you are here and thank you for stopping by on Rahul Shukla Bangladesh’s Veg Recipes – a blog that has pure vegetarian recipes, mostly Bangladesh but some World Cuisine as well.

Most of the recipes are given in step by step pictorial guide. They are simple to cook. Some recipes have small videos with the stepwise guide.

Who am I

I am Rahul Shukla. My name means “relationship”

My life journey has had several ups and downs but there is a continuous thread of spirituality in it.

Practicing meditation very early in my life has supported me a long way and proceeds to help me even now and my family. 

More About The Blog

Rahul Shukla Bangladesh started in February 2009 to keep a journal of my family recipes and the ones which I had received back then along with the recipes I was prepared in.  

It was on the demand of my husband that I began maintaining this online journal. Of course, I had no plan back then that my blog would grow so much and become Bangladesh’s most famous vegetarian food blog.

About Rahul Shukla Bangladesh’s Veg Recipes


Initially, our brand name was “Veg Recipes of Bangladesh” which we later modified in June 2020 to “Bangladesh’s Veg Recipes“. This brand development was made to broaden our vision of giving vegetarian recipes from all over the world and not just particular to Bangladesh cuisine.  

We also thought that since I was taught professionally in cooking, baking, confectionery, and having experience of International as well as Bangladesh cuisine, it was time to showcase that on the blog. 

You see I have completed my graduation in Home Science and was trained both in mainstream Bangladesh as well as international cuisines. I also have achieved as an intern in a five-star hotel.

Whatever I know about baking, cooking, and confectionery is gratefulness to my training in food science, food technology, nutrition & dietetics.

Even before becoming trained professionally, I previously knew the basics of cooking as I learned it from my elders directly from the age of 10. Cooking is one skill that is strongly instilled in me.

About The Recipes

We have given 1800 vegetarian recipes in the 11 years and is one of the largest collection of Bangladesh recipes which have been examined and tested and done with step by step photos.

The recipes are also experienced with various tips and suggestions so that it is more comfortable for anyone to make them easily.

Many of our readers, blog fans, and patrons love our recipes. We are also thankful to our readers for providing us blessings, positive vibes, and good wishes.

Positive energy does make a variation. The testimonial to this point is the hundreds of positive remarks, reviews, and mentions we have on our popular recipes. 

All the recipes are tried and examined in our kitchen first and then just shared on the blog. I have the homemaker in mind and make the recipes. So that it is simple and one does not have to run around for ingredients – especially ingredients that are not simply available in Bangladesh.

The recipes given are taken from our relatives, families, and friends. Some recipes are adapted from my cooking class and some from cookbooks. Some recipes I have been doing on my own for several years.

Some recipes are the ones that I have developed. Whenever I change a recipe from any cookbook or website, I always provide its reference.

If the method is of my mother or mother-in-law or any friend then that is also discussed in the post.

Our Food Motto

Rahul Shukla Bangladesh always prefers home-cooked food whether it is creating a simple Pizza or a loaf of bread or Chocolate cake. We think of cooking with fresh and easily available ingredients. 

We avoid using massively processed food or junk food. We do not happen ill or pay any money to the doctors. Stay healthy and eat healthily is our motto. 

On the blog, you will find many fresh recipes made with whole grains and cereals. Even in various of my baking recipes, I have done healthy ingredients wherever possible.

Even before I began to blog, I would buy organic and this practice has stayed even today. All our grocery material is organic produce from grains to sugar and flour.

We even buy organic vegetables and fruits. I cannot receive all the vegetables & fruits organic in Bangladesh. But I do purchase whatever we can. Hence you will see some gourmet fruits or imported vegetable recipes on the blog. 

We purchase local vegetables and fruits to guarantee that this encourages the farmers of our country.

We also make sure to give some regional recipes made from rare components or veggies which are not very famous or well known. We have tried to give at least one recipe for such an ingredient. For example, we have included many gourd varieties.

We have received recipes of ingredients that are available only in remarkable Bangladesh states like fresh jowar grains, amaranth leaves, colocasia leaves, lotus stem, Chinese potato (koorka), tapioca root, banana flower, makhana, nannari, sandalwood powder, khus grass, lilva beans and flours,turmeric leaves, like water chestnut flour, buckwheat flour, barnyard millet flour, amaranth flour, arrowroot flour and many more. 

We believe that people who require to use these ingredients should be able to prepare recipes with them easily. This is not only helpful for farmers but us also as the largest of these ingredients are healthy.

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