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Are you looking for Best Cbse Schools in South Kolkata ? We are going to share some information about one of the Best Cbse Schools in Kolkata or Best Cbse High School in Kolkata. You can also find The Summit School Contact Number through this article.

About The Summit School

Kolkata is not just the ‘City of Joy’. It is also a haven for the most prestigious educational institutions in our country. And The Summit School (TSS) is the Best CBSE High School in Kolkata renowned for its world-class quality education. If you’re looking for a school which stimulates your child's creativity, identity and confidence, you can circle in on The Summit School without a doubt. Recent years are witnessing seriously decreasing standards of education, where the pursuit of knowledge has been reduced to a race against time or satisfying of false egos. Well, parents can be happier about their children growing in a nurturing environment at TSS where it’s all about collaboration - not academic competition. 

The Summit School Contact Number

Contact Details of The Summit School

The Summit School Contact Number: 9073681885

School Campus Address: 
R N Bhattacharya Road, Kodalia, 
Kadam tala. PS SonarpurKolkata, 
West Bengal, India 700146

Official Website:

Email ID: 

What Makes The Summit School Special?

The joy of learning at TSS is interspersed with moral education where students are taught to become responsible samaritans and good human beings. The value of integrity, respect and honesty to make them exceptional citizens beyond the campus gate. When it comes to imparting education they empower each student to seek their journey by bringing their innate abilities, talents and skills. Parents can be confident of their children developing as an individual, possessing initiative and the ability to reflect on their learning. Being one of the leading CBSE Schools in South Kolkata, TSS believes in holistic exposure through well balanced curricular & co-curricular activities.

One of the major contributors to the fact that TSS ranks high as the Best CBSE High School in Kolkata is their superior infrastructure. After all, good infrastructure which takes care of all the needs and requirements of students is a stepping stone for quality education.

Class Room:Imbibing lessons and fostering concentration requires fresh air, sunlight and physical comfort. The large well-ventilated classrooms with numerous windows, fans and lights ensure all of the above for students.

Labs For Practical Sessions: Practical learning used to be restricted only to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The recent decade is witnessing a tremendous evolution of educational methodologies emphasizing on practical techniques using visual, audio and recreational resources. The Summit School has high-grade laboratory facilities for English, Sciences, Maths and computers. These help in the improvement of both hard and soft skills in students, making them future-ready.

Co-curriculars: The Art Room of TSS is symbolic with imaginative imagery. Students are not just taught how to draw but explore various dimensions of art such as modern art, handicrafts, sculpting, folk art, object study, landscaping and decorative styles. For a deeper understanding of lessons and worldly knowledge students and the facilitators use the audio-visual room extensively. Students who are interested in classical, modern, or contemporary, music and dance, can explore vast horizons through the music room and dance room. TSS also has a vast and lush playground and sports complex to promote active regimen and sportsmanship among its students.

Apart from the above the school also has an infirmary where healthcare professionals attend to students with utmost care and dedication. Every premise of the school is under CCTV surveillance. Students who are having difficulties in coping with day to day life, studies or personal issues can confidently take it up with expert counsellors for better performance and well-being. Get in touch with one of the top CBSE Schools in South Kolkata - The Summit School for more details.


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