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It is no longer a secret that Airport Advertisement Options are one of the prominent OOH advertising options in the world. Any advertisement that you come across outside your home is called Out-Of-Home advertising. Think about it, which of the following will grab your attention and make you look more closely?

A.    A billboard while you’re driving on a busy road.

B.     A plasma panel on the terminal wall while you’re waiting to board your flight.


Obviously option B. right? This is because you have enough time to devote your attention and look at the fine details of the brand message being displayed in a vibrant mode. 

Airport Advertising Agency in India

The New Delhi International Airport sends off and receives around 41 Million Passengers a year. With a capacity to accommodate about 62 million passengers annually, Terminal 3 is one of the biggest and busiest Airports in the world. One can come across more than 200 Retail, Hospitality & Services clients showcasing more than 500 luxury brands from around the globe. Enough with the statistics, now let’s talk chemistry!

One of the major advantages of airport advertising is prolonged exposure and assuring visibility. Nowadays flight fares cost much lower than that of train fares. In terms of availability and swift booking too it is much better. Unlike earlier times where only the affluent, entrepreneurs or corporate bigshots could travel via air, there is more number of flyers today. Thanks to a wide variety of aircraft services, low-cost airlines and customized airport facilities. Because of the wide adaptability, advertisers find airline advertising options very much affordable to promote their brands and businesses.

Exopic Media is is the Airport Advertising Agency in India renowned for its high-quality and cost-effective Airport Advertisement Options. Over the last few years, we have helped numerous Local, National or International brands promote their brand messages at various airports in each and every Indian city.

Clients can place their ads in the following formats -

       Backlit Dioramas

       Free-standing Kiosks

       State-of-the-art L.E.D Plasma panels

       Freestanding Baggage Claim Directories

       Stairways columns


       Luggage pushcarts wall wraps

Being the leading Airport Advertising Agency in India we carved a niche for ourselves in the OOH industry by boosting the commercial potential of the world’s leading brands by devising novel and innovative content. We have set new benchmarks with our classy, high-on-visibility advertising media augmented by superior digital technology. Your target audience may be elite, educated, high-end, or moderate income-oriented; airport advertising becomes easier, faster and much more effective with us! 

Exopic Media offers brands with incredible advertising opportunities on airports including signages, scrollers, video walls etc. Brands can harness the power of innovative branding opportunities targeting lifestyles and business needs as well. Clients can avail promotional opportunities in most domestic and international airports in addition to most regional airport terminals as well. Round-the-clock brand message availability, uncluttered brand content and maximum brand engagement guaranteed. Through years of airport industry exposure and marketing experience, we can help you create high-impact advertising opportunities. Get in touch with us today.

Author: Robot Singh

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