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Denim pants have become a vital piece of regular day to day life, to such an extent that the majority of us never stop to question where our favourite sets came from, how they were made, or their history.

While historians debate the origin of denim, the texture was classified as a twill weave fabric utilizing one hued string and one white one. A broadly held view is that it was 'conceived' in Nîmes, France.

Luck had its impact. During an ineffective replication attempt of a hard-wearing cotton fabric known as 'Jeane' (named after the city of Genoa, in Italy ) the fabric weavers of Nîmes acknowledged they had built up a one of a kind and strong fabric dissimilar to whatever else. 


Jeans are at the top of the list of most commonly wore clothes in the world. Everyone loves to wear jeans, everyone owns multiple pairs of jeans and everyone has those favourite jeans that they just can't live without.

Let's talk about those jeans that will be in fashion in 2021

Now, I know, you'll be like why should I read this blog discussing the jeans that will be in fashion in 2021 with the pandemic in the story? You see even during this time of pandemic when things are trying to get to the new normal that is adapting with COVID-19, people still aren’t hesitating to try new things. And That’s what the human spirit is all about!


1.      STRAIGHT FIT DARLINGS!: These jeans were in demand in 2020 like sunlight as if a need!. And the same will happen in 2021. This 90’s comeback has completely taken over the fashion market. Straight fit jeans are incredibly flexible and you can rock them on any kind of top. Be it short Kurti, long kurta, t-shirts, shirts, etc., Straight fit jeans are a new fashion symbol and a must-have in your wardrobe! There are sub-types of straight fits too such as:


2.      BLUE BLUE BLUE!: Have you heard that sexy track “Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Ray? No wonder that song is a hit because Blue jeans are themselves a hit!  Blue jeans have been in fashion since the dawn of jeans, the first basic colour of jeans was, guess what!? BLUE!  I own 5 pairs of blue jeans, you may ask why? Because just look at them, who wouldn’t want to own those gorgeous shades and washes of blue jeans. Blue jeans are extremely versatile, you can pair them with a white shirt and a coat for your office wear. They are a contradiction, being formal wear as well as an informal one!


3.      LOOSE FIT: Loose Fit jeans are the new contestants in the fashion market and have already won hearts. These jeans have a fitted waist according to your size, but as the length increases their thigh space increases too, as same as that of a pyjama. No! Not a night pyjama, but a very hot night pyjama which looks amazing after you wear them.


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