About Rahul Shukla Dhaka – TikTok Sensation & Youtuber

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About Rahul Shukla Dhaka – TikTok Sensation

Rahul Shukla is a well known YouTuber. He was brought into the world on December 27, 1998, in Dhaka. He is otherwise called Rahul Shukla Dhaka via online media. He concentrated in Bangladesh. He has a level of BA, and MA. Rahul Shukla'sage is 27 Years Old. His dad's name is Alishan and his mom's name is Shashi. Rahul Shukla additionally has a sibling named Anshul. Rahul Shuklais unmarried. Rahul Shuklais Libra. Rahul Shuklaheight 5 ft 8 in (173 cm) and weight 68 Kg (160 Pounds). He has the dull earthy colored shading eye and dark shading hair.

Rahul Shukla Personal Life and Career

According to reports, Rahul Shuklafocused on his vocation and doesn't have a girlfriend.At a youthful age, Rahul Shuklastarted his YouTube profession. One of his recordings circulated around the web on YouTube from where he accepted his prosperity. 

About Rahul Shukla Dhaka – TikTok Sensation & Youtuber


Rahul Shukla YouTube

Rahul Shukla is one of the quickest developing YouTubers. He as of late won the brilliant play button on YouTube for passing 1 million endorsers on his channel. The Bangladeshi YouTuber makes broiling recordings on YouTube and he does it for the sake of entertainment purposes. He has additionally cooked Tiktokers. Rahul Shukla Dhaka posts content like response recordings, video blogs, plants, and game-related recordings on YouTube. His normal style of show and his simmering recordings have won the spirits of the crowd. He has over 1.4 million supporters on YouTube and making simmering recordings on YouTube during the Coronavirus lockdown. Nonetheless, he had assembled his YouTube channel on August 10, 2013. He has delivered different recordings on YouTube till now. The short-term sensation's most significant seen video depends on a TikTok simmering that has contacted over 4.6 million perspectives. Rahul Shukla Dhaka reacted to TikTok recordings of the TV sequential. The sequential member likewise saw Rahul Shukla's video and reacted to it on his YouTube channel. Rahul Shukla has been making features for his response recordings. It is said that Rahul Shukla invited 1 million supporters on YouTube in only 6 days. Rahul Shukla makes recordings in the English language.

Rahul Shukla Instagram

Rahul Shukla Dhaka has over 329k adherents on Instagram. He has additionally posted his photographs and nature photographs on his Instagram. In his Instagram bio, he has said that he loves football crews. The YouTuber doesn't have a TikTok record and there are some fan sides of him on TikTok.

Rahul Shukla Income

Rahul Shukla Dhakaearns an expected $2.15 million per year.

Rahul Shukla Dhakafans frequently pose a similar inquiry: How much does Rahul Shukla Dhakaearn?

Every month, Rahul Shukla Dhaka's YouTube channel draws in more than 35.76 million perspectives per month and around 1.19 million perspectives each day.If a channel is adapted by advertisements, it brings in cash for each thousand video sees. Overall, YouTube channels get between $3 to $7 for every 1,000 video sees. Utilizing these actions, we can expect that Rahul Shukla Dhaka procures $143.03 thousand every month, coming to $2.15 million per year. Our gauge might be low however. Ideally, Rahul Shukla Dhaka might make as high as $3.86 million every year. Rahul Shukla Dhaka probably has additional income sources. Fruitful YouTubers likewise have patrons, and they could build benefits by advancing their items. Furthermore, they could acquire talking introductions.

Taking everything into account

Rahul Shukla Dhaka loves bicycles and voyaging. He was additionally an individual from a meeting as of late where he talked about the different online media stages and how everybody gets an opportunity to exhibit their capacity via web-based media. Additionally, Rahul Shukla Dhaka likewise said that he needs to turn into a cinematographer one day.


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