What is the population of America

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What is the population of America

In today's article, we will know what is the population of America in 2021. America is considered the most powerful and most developed country in the whole world. Now America is going to see a tough competition from China. America has given so much to this whole world. Whether you talk about science, technology or other things that you use in everyday life, many of them have some relation to America.

Like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp etc. have been made by America only. So let's know what is the population of this powerful and developed country of the world. Together they will also know that how much is the population of people of other religions like Christian, Muslim, Hindu living in America.

What is the population of America


What is the population of America in 2021? America population 2021 in Hindi

The United States of America (USA) is what we know as America. America is a North American continent. America is the third most populous country after China (144 million) and India (138 million). According to the data of United Nations, the current population of this country is about 33 crore 28 lakhs. America's population is 4.25 percent of the world's population.

Overall, if we talk about the population, then there has been a change of 7.4 percent in the population of America compared to the last decade (2000-2010). If America's population continues to grow in this way, it may leave Indonesia behind. It is also estimated that by the year 2050, the population here will reach 38 crores.

The population of Indonesia at present is about 27.62 million and it comes in fourth place after America in terms of population.

In terms of area, America comes at number four after (Russia, Canada, China). The total area of ​​this country is 9,147,420 square kilometers (3,531,837 sq. miles). And if we talk about the population density of America, then it is 36 people per square kilometer. About 82.8 percent of the total US population lives in cities. A common citizen of America lives for about 79 years.

The current US President is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is the Vice President. There are 50 states in America and the capital of America is Washington DC. In this way, English (78%) is the main language spoken in America, but some languages ​​​​other than English are also spoken. Including spanish (13.5%), french, chinese, vietnamese, korean, russian, japanese etc.

The population of states in America is taken very seriously by the governments there. Because it directly affects the presidential election there. Let me tell you why this is so. In fact, how many people's representatives will there be in any state. The whole of this is determined by the population there. So whatever population figures are released in public by the US government, they are correct.

America has always been a dream for the people of other countries, America is a very developed country, so there is a lot of employment along with many amenities. This is the reason that every year millions of people from other countries go to America to live a good life.

According to a report, about 40 million immigrants are settled in America. Which is 14 percent of the total population of America. America's most populous states.

According to the census conducted in the year 2020, if we talk about the states with the highest population, then the state of California has the highest population, with a total of 39,538,223 people living here, followed by Texas (29,145,505).

The third place is of Florida, where a total of 18,801,310 people live, after which New York is the largest state in terms of population, its population is 19,378,102. In terms of population, Pennsylvania comes in fifth place, the total population here is about 12,702,379. And Wyoming is the state with the least population, its population is 563,626.


Population of America's Main Religions | America Population By Religion

According to the census conducted in the year 2020, the United States of America has the highest number of people who believe in Christianity. Apart from this, people of many other religions also reside in America, which is as follows.

• 65 percent of the total population of America believes in Christianity.

• 28 percent of the people of America do not believe in any religion or you can say that they are atheists.

• Apart from this, 6 percent of the population of America is a believer of all other religions, which includes people of Islam, Buddhism, Jews, Hinduism.

Percentage of America's Main Races

In this way, most white people live in America, their population is up to 76.3 percent of America's population. But apart from the white people, there is also a large population, mainly Black, Asian, multiracial, Native American, and some people have come to the area around the Pacific Ocean and settled in America.

• White – 76.3%

• Black – 13.4%

• Asian – 5.9%

• Multiracial – 2.8%

• Native Americans – 1.3%

• Pacific Islander Americans – 0.2%

 Population of America's main cities

The population of some of the main cities of America is given through the chart below.

Name of cities

Population of cities

New York City

81 Lakh 75 Thousand

Los Angeles

39 Lakh 72 Thousand


27 Lakh 20 Thousand


23 Lakh


22 Lakh 96 Thousand


22 Lakh 72 Thousand


15 Lakh 67 Thousand


15 Lakh 63 Thousand


14 Lakh 87 Thousand

San Antonio

14 Lakh 69 Thousand

San Diego

13 Lakh 95 Thousand

The Bronx

13 Lakh 85 Thousand


13 Lakh

San Jose

10 Lakh 27 Thousand


9 Lakh 32 Thousand

Not only America, New York City, which is called the Financial Capital of the world, is one of the most populous cities in America. The population of this city is around 82 lakhs.

US Population Estimates | USA Population Forecast




33 Crore 10 Lakh


34 Crore 4 Lakh


34 Crore 96 Lakh


35 Crore 87 Lakh


36 Crore 65 Lakh


37 Crore 33 Lakh


37 Crore 94 Lakh

Note- In America, a baby is born every 8 seconds, and a human dies every 12 seconds.


Q.1- What is the population of America in 2021.

Answer – At present, the population of America in 2021 is about 33 crore 28 lakhs.

Q.2- Where is the capital of America.

Answer – The capital of America is Washington DC.

Q.3- What is the currency of America.

Answer –The currency of North America is Dollar.

Q.4- How many states are there in America.

Answer –There are total 50 states in North America.

Q.5- Which is the largest state of America

Answer –The largest state of North America is Alaska in terms of area and California state comes in terms of population.

Q.6- What is the literacy rate of America

Answer – The literacy rate of America is 99 percent.

Q.7- What is the population of Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists in America.

Answer: The population of Buddhist people in North America is close to 40 lakhs, and the population of Muslims is 30 lakhs and the population of Hindus is about 20 lakhs.

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